“Capturing LIFE in all of my images,
Not just frozen moments in time …”

Michael Castaneda is an award winning photographer that specializes in Adventure and Lifestyle Photography. As an instructor, however, he strives to find the true photographic passion for each of his students and help them hone their skillset towards that field.

Michael was born and raised in Ocala, Florida; but he didn’t start his photographic journey until 2015 when he moved to Los Angeles. Prior to the move, he wasn’t much of a nature person and really felt that the city was where we all needed to be. The only nature outside of Florida he knew came from images in books and on the web. But that drive across the country opened his eyes to the absolute beauty of our natural planet and from that point on he was hooked. Soon after he picked up a camera so that he could show others this new world through his own eye. His style is represented by creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the scene captured through a masterful play of light and color. Michael captures life, not just frozen moments in time.