Mojave Desert Lava Tubes & Kelso Dunes

September 21st ($350 each) | 6 max
Marked Down from $500

Lava Tubes & Sand Dunes

Come out for this daytime adventure in one of California’s most unique and mostly unknown locations. We will start this journey meeting in Baker then making our way with the mid-day sun to the lava tubes. Here we will work on unique compositions inside of a Lava tube, practicing various styles of shooting. From the tubes, we will make the journey to the Kelso Dunes where we will shoot the remainder of the day to just past sunset. Here we will work on unique compositions in the desert as well as how to use filters. Hotel, transportation, and food will not be included. A 60-minute Lightroom virtual editing class may be added for an additional $50 for the shots taken that evening.

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