Get 1-ON-1 Photo Editing Training

$149 for 90 Minute Editing Session
(It’s advised to obtain the Tk7 plugin for Photoshop Learning)

Photography Editing Sessions

While many people look for a nice camera to help them create amazing images, they often overlook the editing that is required to help bring those photos to life. This course will be directed towards a 90 minute editing session on Lightroom. Photoshop tutorials can also be offered for more advanced users. The TK7 plugin is recommended for Photoshop and can be obtained by the link offered above. This doesn’t mean you will learn to manipulate or create digital art but instead you will learn how to bring out the best qualities of the photo you captured and turn it into something closer to what the eye actually saw.

Upon signing up for your Virtual Editing Class, you will be contacted to schedule a time that best works for you. All editing sessions will have the option to be recorded as well so that you may return to the editing flow at anytime to recap lessons that were taught. You may also Click Here to contact and schedule a date and time prior to signing up.