Get 1-ON-1 Photography Training

$375 per 2 Session Instruction

Photography Consultation & Training

We will work together through conversation to identify what issues you are having with photography an determine the best gameplan to help focus on strengthening those weaknesses. This can range for every person from moving off auto to manual or more specific needs like long exposure photography, focus stacking, panoramas, etc.

Session 1 – We will virtually meet for 90 minutes to work on the targeted options from the prior consultation. This will all be learning based and having the camera handy will be preferred so that you can see and understand how these work on your own camera. Homework will be given based off the lessons given; this will include a request for a certain type of shot that utilizes what was learned during the session. It will be important to keep a log during the homework so that if questions arise you can have them written down to be answered in the next session.

Session 2 – We will pick up where we left off from the prior session with a 90-minute class where we will study the RAW file from the homework that was given and work on editing that image in Lightroom. Questions from the shooting experience will be answered here so that a sense of comfort can be reached in the area of interest.