‘Snowliage’ – Photographing The Collision Of Fall & Winter


In this article we connect with landscape photographer Michael Castaneda (@_mcastaneda_) to learn more about his experience capturing ‘snowliage’ in California. When the conditions and timing are just right, parts of California can experience a collision of the fall and winter seasons. The merged weather event, dubbed “snowliage,” creates a wonderful blend of colorful, fall foliage with a fresh, white snowfall. Landscape photographer Michael Castaneda (@_mcastaneda_) has captured the event before, and recently ventured out to document it again. “The colors are just so vibrant,” he says, “but then you have this winter feel and it just creates this amazing scene and feeling that you can’t really put into words or the reality of your normal experience. It just seems like a dream.” We caught up with him to learn more about his recent adventure capturing fall and winter colliding in the Eastern Sierra region of California and how he uses an ultra-hi-res Sony Alpha camera to do it.