One on One Virtual Photography Classes

1 on 1 Virtual Photography Classes (2 day)
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So you bought a new camera, but you notice there are a bunch of letters on the top wheel that you don't quite understand. Instead of trying to figure them out, you set it to Auto and hope for the best. The problem is, pictures don't come out like you see on the internet and you end up just moving to your cell phone instead.

This course will consist of two days of Virtual Trainings directly with Michael Castaneda where the primary focus will be to move from Auto to Manual. You get to schedule times that work for you so that you can be comfortable and ready for this learning experience. In this training, we will cover many of the basics on how to technically operate your camera as well as go in depth on how you can go out into the field with it to capture moments the way you've been wanting to. After the first course, an assignment will be given to go out and use those techniques to capture some images. The second course will then go over and grade that assignment while answering any questions that may have come up for the project. This is an interactive experience to help better your photography and get you comfortable with taking your camera off Auto.

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